Mychal Mitchell


Mychal Mitchell, CEO and independent film producer of North Shore Films from Natchez, MS and currently resides in the Chicago area. Mychal has produced and directing films since 2008, with his first featured film release, "Princess of Laos", in 2012.

Mychal has produced, directed and featured actor and experienced in sound design for many short films in fashion, promotional and city highlight films. Mychal is a self taught entrepreneur and continues to build his portfolio in the film industry.

As a producer, Mychal enjoys taking a script and bringing it to life. It is something that the an entire family enjoys doing together. Mychal hopes to get his next major project "The Natchez Rhythm Club Fire" into the hands of a major production company to produce and launch for 2021.

Mychal is married to his lovely wife, Joanna, with two children who often assist with production. Mychal is inspired by his wife's Laotian roots as he diligently works on completing his latest project "The Lao Redemption" movie. The goal is for the movie to be released on Netflix.

Mychal shares his journey on a podcast interview: